NotronIn the earliest of days, the thirteen tribes of the Zhell called Notron their home. United by blood and their faith in their Gods they spread out across their world and flourished. Their belief wavered as invasion and natural calamity threatened all that they had worked so hard to build, and as a result, they were nearly driven extinct, the survivors forced into slavery by their enemies who took advantage of their weakness. When hope seemed almost lost, they remembered their faith and the Zhell rallied in the name of their Gods, transitioning from thirteen nations to thirteen battalions. They brought holy war to the shadow-demons, driving them into space.

With their faith revitalized, the Zhell rebuilt. They spread out among the stars, establishing colonies across the vast galaxy. These colonies thrived independently and with the passage of time, they eventually forgot their common origin. But the heart-flame of the Thirteen is strong and could not be entirely extinguished. Worship of the Thirteen Gods continued in secret across hundreds of worlds, even as the civilization of the Zhell became known as humanity and holy Notron was renamed Coruscant. Though the Pius Dea Crusades caused a schism within the faith, still it remained.

The Zhellic Ecclesiarchy rises from the memories of its people. We remember our heritage and from the shadows, we return to bring the wisdom and grace of the Thirteen to the galaxy. Through Them, the civilization of the Zhell shall once more be made united.