The Taung War

Though most races were scattered among the other worlds created across the Void so that the Zhell alone would call most holy Notron home, some Gods chose to scatter their ilk across the planet.  Azurba and Irido hid their bastard children in the wastelands and caverns of the Holy World.  The Taung clans fought amongst themselves for survival, remaining hidden from the cities built by the Tribes of Zhell that rose as glass spires towards the sky.

The Thirteen Tribes soon became the Thirteen Nations, uniting in peace and sharing a sparkling city nestled in the shadow of Notron’s greatest mountain.  Yet this capital was designed without chapel or cathedral, not a single God was honored by its people.

Lor saw this and was displeased.  He approached the Taung, the god then known to them as Hod Ha’ran, and tried to trick their clans to skirmish against the Zhell.  The God of Shadow failed to sway the disparate clans away from their internal fighting for dominance and so approached Irido, known to the Taung as Kad Ha’rangir, and convinced the war god to take a single Taung chieftain under his apprenticeship to raise into a great warrior and paragon of his people.  This warrior, using the guidance of the God of War, united the chieftains of the Taung clans through both blood and persuasion.

The Taung high chieftain knew that to maintain control so contrary to the nature instilled into them by their mother goddess his people needed to fight.  In line with Lor’s desires, the Taung began to move from their hidden villages, their warriors attacking Zhell outposts and stealing weapons of war.

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