Ecclesiastical Titles

As with any organization, a hierarchy exists within the Ecclesiarchy.  These consist of four traditional subgroups:

  • Ecclesiastical, comprised of the Vicars, the priests, and the staff that serve the Ecclesiarchy directly outside of the various holy orders.
  • Regional, comprised of those priests who serve as territorial governors.
  • Sodality, for the militant and charitable orders.  Though they tend to use their individual ranking systems internally, they follow the structure established by the Ecclesiarchy to some degree.
  • Lay-Ranks do not exist.  All are simply among the Faithful, believers of the Thirteen and the lesser gods.  All are welcome to take the steps to join the holy orders or becoming a priest.


Ecclesiastical Titles
These are the main titles of the Faith’s priesthood.
Grand Vicar, Vicarius Maximus – Supreme head of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy, Chair of the High Synod.
Vicar, Vicarius – Head of one of the Cults of the Thirteen and serving on the High Synod.
Flamen – High Priest of one of the various Lesser Gods, they sit on the General Synod of the Ecclesiarchy along with the higher ranking Vicars.
Exarch – A senior cleric of the Gods, they typically serve as lieutenants to a Vicar or Flamen.  In most cases, an Exarch is the highest ranking priest not directly serving the Ecclesiarchy and is usually the senior-most chaplain there.

Regional Titles
Any Priest of the Ecclesiarchy given dominion over certain territories may receive this additional title assigned to their name as an honorific.
-Ecclesiarch – Religious Head of a Government (ex: Vicar-Ecclesiarch).
-Metropolitan – Religious Head of a Sector (ex: Archprelate-Metropolitan).
-Bishop – Religious Head of a system (ex: Prelate-Bishop)
-Superior – Religious Head of a planet (ex: Canon-Superior).
-Curate – Religious Head of a city. (ex: Deacon-Curate)

Sodality Ranks
The various orders of the Faith, typically devoted to a single God or Goddess, are likely to have their individual ranking systems.  However, we provide a basic one for their use until their internal culture formulates a unique system.
Primarch – Patron of a holy order, in many cases this person is the Vicar or Flamen responsible for the god the order is dedicated to.
Highlord (or Highlady) – The titular head of the holy order.  In some cases, the Primarch may also hold this position.
High General – The second in command of the holy order, assuming authority whenever his or her superior is unable to fulfill their duties.
High Commander – Senior commanders usually of larger divisions of the holy order, be it on sector level or otherwise.