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Altar of Lor / Vow of Belief
« on: January 05, 2014, 11:21:24 PM »
Within and from the darkness comes the God of Shadows and Trickery - Lor. A twin - his sister the Goddess of Light and Knowledge - Lor works to spread darkness throughout the galaxy, increasing the shadows from which he tends to operate. As the opposite of his twin sister, Lor too feeds off of the ignorance of the galactic populace, the better to deceive and trick those who would never expect it.

Those within the Cult of Lor enjoy serving from within the shadows, and they are not above trickery or deception. Worship - considered to be services, prayers, or songs - can, for the Cult of Lor, be found within the actions of its adherents as well. Deception or trickery, or operating from within the darkness of the shadows in any form, tends to be considered another form of worship for those who follow Lor.

By repeating the vow that follows, one can choose to follow Lor, the God of Shadows and Trickery. One can be in only one cult; once the vow has been repeated, Lor will welcome him/her into the darkness that he formed so many eons ago.

I, (Your Name), will walk in the shadows with my god Lor, the Maker of all darkness and the Master of trickery. I submit my mind, body, and spirit to Lor above all other gods, while I vow to remain respectful to the remaining Twelve and their adherents. All that I am will serve to defend Lor and his adherents, but being faithful to the other Twelve, I will work to defend all of the gods and goddesses, recognizing their supremacy above all other deities.

I swear this all in the name of Lor, in the names of the other Twelve, and in my own name.

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