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Author Topic: Welcome to the Order of Xo  (Read 1424 times)

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Welcome to the Order of Xo
« on: January 10, 2014, 04:01:58 AM »
"And so did Xo finally become weary and he desired to rest. On to his children his faithful and most trusted of all mortals did he pass on the rites and responsibilities to sew the threads of the infinite duties of death and afterlife. Caretakers of Corpses, Defenders of the Dead, only those who find the light within the eternal beyond will ever be graced to read the words of Xo upon the Scroll of Whispers"  ~Tome of Initiation, Onisis II


And may the blessings of the 13 be bestowed upon you. This is the altar of Xo, a sacred place where those who walk the path of Zhell come to honor our sacred dead, worship our King of the Beyond, and even pray for the deaths of those whom they believe Xo's hand should reach out and grasp. The order of Xo is different than the other 12, we have no pledge of loyalty as everyone in the galaxy makes the pledge to Xo upon their last breath of life. When death takes us all, we walk with him in the great beyond. When we are close to death we please him, and by bringing his knowledge to the ignorant and uneducated we strengthen him and bring our god one step closer to his return! Do not be mistaken, those who walk with Xo are not all bringers of death - in fact the duties of the Order have no form of administering death. We leave such acts to the great god of fire and war, Irido and his followers. We are the architects of the afterlife, the priest of death itself. Its morbid dance is a beautiful thing and changes each time it is danced. We study death, we study the abyss, we strive to know the unknown, which we believe is the resting place of our great god Xo!

The order's structure is a secret to those not a part of it, and even for those who are it takes years of dedicated and unquestionable service to Xo before the secrets of our order are revealed. All knowledge comes with a price, and to read all three Whispering Scrolls that price is death. The only beings Xo allows immunity to this are his Vicar, and the Grand Vicar of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy. Come now brother or sister, let us place your hand into the immortal hand of the sacred god of death. Walk with him and know no fear of the abyss, unravel its secrets and allow your soul to be filled with the beyond. Take upon yourself the blessing of Xo and know what it is to be death incarnate..