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Author Topic: Cult Artifacts  (Read 1376 times)

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Cult Artifacts
« on: January 10, 2014, 09:59:46 PM »
Over the many years past since the founding of our religion, all followers of Zhell have tried to preserve and collect new artifacts. Of the path of Xo not many artifacts remained, due to their power and abuse many were destroyed or hidden for eternity by Xo. Some however are mentioned in the Whispering Scrolls and are worth note. Those that have been collected by the cult are noted as such.

Scroll of Whispers v1 Collected

Scroll of Whispers v2 Collected

Scroll of Whispers v3 Collected

Sash of the Void Missing

Tome of Bloodlines Collected

Tome of Judgement Collected

Orb of Death Missing

Mantle of the Realms Missing

Cloak of the Void Missing

Soul Reaper Missing

Hymnal of the Dead v1 Collected

Hymnal of the Dead v2 Missing

Hymnal of the Dead v3 Missing

Hymnal of the Dead v4 Collected

Staff of Onisus I Missing

Journal of Onisus I Collected

Sash of Yamad I Missing

Journal of Yamad I Collected

Journal of Cernia IV Missing

These are but a few of the known artifacts that possibly still exist. Thousands of others are mentioned in the scrolls but as the priest of ancient to current have searched, these are the ones that have legitimate leads to investigate.