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Author Topic: The Sanctuary of Zela  (Read 2123 times)

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The Sanctuary of Zela
« on: January 25, 2014, 01:32:13 PM »
The Great Gallery of the sanctuary is grand and spacious, a long rectangular space with towering walls, glass ceilings that open up to the sky, elaborate frescoes depicting scenes of revelry, and a collection of full-size sculptures capturing the beauty and grace of dance, a lover's embrace, the tantalizing curves of the female form and the strength of the masculine. As you pass through this hall, you notice a few pilgrims wandering about the hall, some seated on benches as they contemplate and admire the wondrous displays of artistry, and you realize this temple is not only a place of worship, but a celebration of some of the finest artwork in all of the Galaxy.

As much as you would like to stop and stare in awe of these symbols of beauty, you walk through the large glass doors at the back of the hall, heading outdoors. There is a lightness in your step, but a reverence as well.

It is night time as you exit the Great Gallery, descending a few short steps and following a stone pathway, through a lush garden, gently lit by burning torches and bathed in the silvery light of a full moon above. You hear the sound of bells tinkling, wind chimes dancing in the light breeze that surrounds you, caressing your skin like a lover. When you inhale, the sweet aroma of flowers, luscious roses, entice your senses.

As you look before you, there is a large pond, still water reflecting the light of the moon and littered with lily pads and gorgeous lotus flowers. A beautiful bridge stretches across it and you know you must cross the bridge for beyond, a smaller domed building calls you forth with the flicker of fire light. The sound of trickling water is around you, there is a fountain somewhere but you cannot see it at the moment. Your foot steps propel you forward as you are filled with purpose. On the breeze you smell a hint of spicy incense and if you listen closely, you can hear jubilant laughter somewhere in the vicinity.

Once you cross the bridge and approach the temple, you notice two Faithful standing sentinel on either side of the entrance. One is male, a bare chested Zeltron male with wavy, shoulder length hair and deep, penetrating eyes. He is clad in loose, crimson silk pants and there are golden bangles about his wrists. He is barefoot and he stands beside a burning torch. On the other side of him, a brunette human female stands beside another torch in a cropped top of crimson red that bares her midriff and a matching silk skirt slit high enough to show her long legs. They smile as you approach but say nothing as you enter the sacred space beyond.

The sanctuary of the Goddess Zela is a smaller, circular, more intimate space with plump cushions littered across the floor over plush, exotic carpets. You push through heavy deep crimson curtains to enter the temple and are immediately welcomed with the sweet but spicy aroma of incense, tendrils of smoke curling into the air around you. At the back of the room is a large altar space with a beautiful marble statue of the curvaceous Goddess Zela dressed in a beautiful gown that exposes Her shoulders. Her long wavy hair cascades down Her back and there is a coyness about Her stance despite the mischievous curve of Her lips. In Her hand she delicately holds a single rose. The Goddess' altar is littered with golden coins and jewels, succulent fruits cut open in offering bowls spilling their succulent juices, floral offerings and votive candles. A large censer hangs from a wall bracket from which large curls of incense emanate, but before Her altar is the focal point, a large circular fire pit cuts into the ground in which a fire perpetually burns. Above it, a circular opening from which you can see the starry sky. The bonfire, tended by Her priestesses and priests, is a representation of the fire of Passion and the Spark of Creativity and as you watch the flames dancing seductively before you, you notice a lone woman, clad similarly to the woman outside dancing a slow, sensuous dance around the perimeter of the fire pit to a song only she can hear.

The woman notices you and smiles but does not stop her dance. "Welcome to the sanctuary of Zela, Divine Lover, Cosmic Dancer, Flame of Inspiration. If you have come to pledge yourself to Her Service, then sit before Her altar and connect with the Flame Within. When you are ready, when the Fire burns brightly in your heart, then speak the words of the Vow of Service and then come join in the sacred dance, pulsing with Her sacred rhythm, letting Her passion flow through you to manifest greatness in the Galaxy."

"I, [NAME], vow to dance with the Goddess Zela through Time and Space, with body, mind and spirit. I vow to cultivate the Flame Within, which is also Her flame--that creative spark that spurs all into action, so that I may manifest Her work for the good of all. I choose to open my mind and my heart to receive Her wisdom and Her unconditional Love so that I may see with clarity, feel with certainty and celebrate all the wonders that the Thirteen offer with grace and humility. I commit myself to serve the Divine Lover in a manner befitting Her honor, defending the Thirteen, with passion and reverence but with respect for all beings.

I swear this all by the Grace of the Radiant One, in the names of the Thirteen who Guide and Empower us, and by my own name."

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