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Author Topic: The Void Beckons... (Step 1)  (Read 80 times)

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The Void Beckons... (Step 1)
« on: September 19, 2019, 07:06:19 PM »
The Altar of Xo

You have travelled far and long, and in your mind you hope that this is it. That you have finally made it. Your body is weary, drained from the endless voyage and frequent dangers you had to overcome but sheere will power keeps pushing you to take each step. Your mind is exhausted, riddled with doubts but driven by desire of wisdom and knowledge. Your bones ache and feel like they are ready to dissolve to the dust, as if they are merely held together by the muscles surrounding them. Your eyes are heavy, feeling as if at any moment they shall close shut for your final rest. You have all but forgotten why you even took this quest upon yourself, but yet here you are. Standing before a twisting stairwell which leads to who knows where. You hope it was all worth it, you pray your dedication to the path you've taken has not been in vane. You take each step one at a time. The light behind you fades and you are now walking deeper into the shadows. Step by step the stairwell goes deeper, your vision grows null as if the very light has been sucked away from where you are going. You finally come to a point where you can no longer see, no longer hear anything, the air has no scent and is tasteless. If not for having a hand on each wall surrounding the stairwell you would swear you are falling into the abyss. It is here in this very moment you ask yourself the questions "Why have I come here? What did I truly hope to find?" Where you once had resolve and conviction within your faith of what you would find, you now feel it has all but shrunken to fear and doubt. You turn to face the way you came but only to find what little light was once there is now gone and you feel your balance give way. You can feel yourself falling, endlessly into nothing. Did you just die? Is this the release of death taking you? Perhaps so, for as you entered your body was weary, your mind was exhausted, your bones ached and your eyes were heavy. As you slowly feel yourself begin to drift a way the sound of a water dripping catches your attention. You come back to reality and realize you are laying upon your back. As you open your eyes a dull blue hue of light seems to pulse from what you now see is a chamber beyond where you lay. As you slowly bring yourself to your feet you notice your pain, your doubts, your weariness and fear are all gone. In their place though, nothing. You feel absolutely nothing, perhaps the most serene yet unnerving feeling you have ever felt before. As you stand and recompose yourself you feel drawn to the light that glows from beyond. You take your steps one by one, but they make no sound. Upon finally reaching the chamber you see that the light is coming from a robed figure standing before you, as if he had been expecting you this entire time. You stop several feet from the robed figure, unsure of what is to come next but in the void you felt previously you now have a feeling of understanding, of knowledge and wisdom. You can feel that you found what you came fore. Welcome to the Altar of Xo, a mere glimpse of Lord of Death's domain. A bright flash of light forces you to slam your eyes shut and cover your face, but when you open them once again you find that where everything was once black is now lit, hued in the same dull blue light. The chamber is large, there are many articles of knowledge here, ranging from modern technology to ancient tomes. You see that there are other seekers, like yourself, in the room. You are not alone, and you can feel that you have always been welcome here. The robed man before you finally breaks the silence, uttering only a few words before walking away.

"Blessings of the Void upon you, What you seek is here within.."
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