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Author Topic: Novitiate Knowledge  (Read 313 times)

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Novitiate Knowledge
« on: September 19, 2019, 08:01:42 PM »
Who is Xo?

Ask this question to any Novitiate of Xo, or even just those familiar with the Ecclesiarchy's Pantheon and they will likely give you the same, very vague, answer. "He is the God of Death". But to put a divine who's very existence is beyond the comprehension of nearly anyone alive into such a short phrase is belittling of what He actually is. To be fair, yes he is in fact the God of Death. He is the ruler of the Beyond, the realm in which all souls that perish are destined to go. However there is a tremendous amount of story behind this. Xo was in fact the very last of the Thirteen to be created by Ziysan and like the others there was a specific purpose. We will not be covering the Pantheon history altogether here because we do not wish to over burden your mind with to much knowledge, however Xo was created by Ziysan as the thirteenth deity to bring balance about life and death. At the point Xo came into existence the Zhell (human creations by the Gods) were in existence and were immortal in their lives, their savagery and brutality had no lasting consequences as there was no toll of death to be taken from the living. This brought much pain to several of the other Gods. So Ziysan brought Xo into our realm from the Void, and granted him the Sphere of Death. This allowed Xo to enact tolls upon life, resulting in death. Mankind soon began to notice they were suffering from their conflicts with one another, and that death was now a reality and so the conflicts began to quell and peace spread among the Zhell. This is of course a very bland narrative - you are again encourage to read the Cosmogony of the Thirteen to discover the full story. So knowing this now, Xo was not only created as death but also a balance to life itself. Without his actions the living beings would be in utter chaos, and our lives would mean nothing.

How do people become Cult Members?

The answer is varied, based on what it is you are looking to do within the Cult. It can be as simplistic as professing your faith and claiming Xo as your patron deity and there you have it. While it is not an active role within our clergy it is very much membership all the same. However for those looking to take the next step and actually dedicate themselves to the cult there are paths that can be taken to become ordained and raised to the title of Priest of Xo - though the process is not as simple, and most are deterred from such a path when they begin to realize what it is to put Xo and the Thirteen before everything else in their lives. Its certainly not as easy as throwing on robes and saying a few funeral rites by any means. However if you have found reason in your life to dedicate yourself in such a manner the Cult will gladly speak with you about the steps that need be taken. The Vicar of Xo is always the most direct contact for such matters, but if you should happen to know any member of the active clergy they can no doubt assist and guide you to your first steps.

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