35th Crusade Declared

CORE WORLDS — Murmuring and concern turned into zealous fervor as the latest meeting of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy‘s High Synod broadcast results of the conclave’s session to all their places of worship.  In unanimous approval, with only the Vicar of Ferra offering initial dissent based on humanitarian concerns before joining her twelve colleagues in their decision:  The Thirty-Fifth Crusade has begun, targetting the heathenish terrorists of Sanctuary Prime and their supporters.

“A war against the entirety of the human species for perceived injustices with very little in the way of evidence is not justice. It is in fact an advocation of retribution, of genocide. No, true justice is bringing the light of the Thirteen to this so-called ‘Sanctuary Prime’ and making them answer for their sins. As the representative of the Thirteen’s embodiment of Justice, I believe a crusade will tip the scales back into equilibrium so that true justice may once again be found in our stars,” said Vicar of Csil Judex XIV, effectively chief of staff for the church.

To the Faithful gathered across the galaxy Erasmus I, the Vicar of Azurba, announced, “To all our brothers and sisters feeling cold, frightened and alone in the Sepan sector, stay strong and know you are not and never will be. Rise up and take a stand against Sanctuary Prime, show them the power of our faith and the strength of our resolve. Let the torch of Azurba guide you against this new oppressor, create anarchy and bring chaos to their cities.”

His Holiness Cronus IX, Grand Vicar of the Ecclesiarchy, declaring the 35th Crusade

“O children of the Gods, brave souls of countless worlds, descendants of the ancient Zhell.  Once more our race is at risk.  This ‘Sanctuary Prime’ claims unholy vengeance against our lineage.  We survived the nuclear fires of the ancient Taung, emerging stronger than ever and so too shall we survive these upstarts.

“I call on all who count the descendants of the ancient Zhell as friends, compatriots, or allies to stand with us.  Fight against this darkness that would dare to rear its head in our galaxy.  No matter if you are an empire or a republic, an autocracy or a democracy, a monarchy or an oligarchy, I ask you to answer this call to arms. Let us end this menace.

Chosen of Devar! Join our throng to hunt down the enemies of the Gods! Reapers of Altirel! Harvest souls of the heathens in the name of the Archreaper and satisfy your hunger!

“To the Faithful:  Rise up! From the spires of Holy Notron to the glaciers of Csilla, from the shipyards of Corellia to the lava fields of Iridonia. Rise up, scions of the Zhell! From the snowy peaks of Alderaan to the plains of Mirial, from the shores of Nuswatta to the pleasure palaces of Zeltros. Rise up, O children of the Thirteen!

“You are about to embark upon a great crusade. The eyes of the galaxy are upon you. The hopes and prayers of the Zhellic peoples everywhere go with you.

“I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full victory!

“Let us beseech the blessing of the Most Holy Thirteen upon this great and noble undertaking. Know that They march with you!”

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In Their Name.