Lower Pantheon

The lesser gods are the byproducts of unions of the Thirteen after the Creation.  With the primordial powers of the Creation used up in the ordering of the Galaxy, these younger gods were unable to infuse any of creation’s power.  However, they are still incredibly powerful beings who have shaped worlds and cultures and as such deserve our reverence and respect.

Devar – The Huntsman or the Horned God.  A god born of Manara, goddess of nature, and Irido, god of war.  Husband to Cathana.  He raised his favored predators to sentience, granting their males an appearance in emulation of himself and his father and honored their females with leadership in honor of his mother. Patron of the Hunt and hunters and his chosen people: the Devaronians, etc. His name has been corrupted from Devar into Kampar in some dialects.

His skin is typically depicted as red, his eyes golden orbs, and a pair of ebon black horns protruding from the top of his forehead.  Devar is usually shown in various forms of leather armor as hunters in earlier times tended to wear.  The type of armor usually depends on the culture that is depicting him and the creatures that have called that world home.

The Flamen Devaris (High Priest of Devar) leads the cult dedicated to this god.

Altirel – The Grinning Skull, the Archreaper.  Born of Xo, God of Death and Alsa, Godddess of Wind.  Altirel maintains dominion over all souls, reaping them on death to pass on to Xo for final judgment.  Unlike most gods celebrated by the Ecclesiarchy, Altirel is rarely assigned a gender or even appearance.  This is due to the Archreaper changing both gender and appearance depending on task.

Altirel is usually shown as clad in black robes, a silver skull mask peering from beneath the hood.  The Archreaper is patron of the Anzati, who were created  to harvest  souls in this life and the next.

The Flamen Altirelia (High Priest of Altirel) leads the cult dedicated to this god.

Cathana –
The Silent Shadow, offspring of Ferra and Csil, wife of Devar.  Her domain is over animal husbandry and wildcrafting.  (tbc)