The Thirteen

The Thirteen are the primary gods and goddesses of Creation.  Infused with primordial power, they rule over the spheres of the Galaxy.  Light and Shadow, Earth and Air, Fire and Water, Order and Chaos, Life and Death, Serenity and Passion, these basic elements make up all of us, watched over by Ziysan himself — the God of Balance.


Ziysan – Known by names such as the Maker, Great King, Greatfather, The Almighty, and many others, Ziysan is first among the Gods, having brought forth his siblings from the Void and sired others.  He is considered the benevolent and kindly god of time and balance.  Depicted as an elderly man with a silver-colored beard and hair, short or flowing depending on the era of the artistry, with matching robes.  He carries an hourglass as the representation of his domain, his symbol being infinity and worn on the stole of priests dedicated to Him.  He is considered the patron god of all Zhell, of the tribe that became the Coruscanti, and the Ecclesiarchy itself.


Manara – Greatmother, Mother Nature, Rock of Ages, She is known by so very many names.  She is traditionally depicted as a beautiful, motherly figure with long brown hair streaked by silver and possessing emerald green eyes.  Manara is typically shown wearing a green or brown toga.  Her domain is all of nature, her insignia being a leaf and worn by her priests.  She serves as the patroness of the Tribe that became the Miralan, miners, geologists, as well as farmers.  Her shrines are attended by the Flames of Umate.

Ferra – Ruling over the domain of life itself, Ferra is known as the Mistress of Life or Via (the Way).  With her face framed by shoulder-length honey blond hair and having deep brown eyes, she is frequently shown as wearing sky blue robes trimmed in blood red.  She serves as the patroness of the tribe that eventually became the Thyferrans, doctors, mothers, and midwives.  A golden vase representing the font of life serves as her insignia.  Her shrines are attended to by either the Sisterhood of the Beatific Countenance or the Sisterhood of the Glorious Radiance.  The energy field known as the Force is considered her work to bind all life together.

Risma – Known for her dominion of Light and Knowledge, or by her names of Great Teacher, Nahu, Holy Light, and simply the Goddess.  With alabaster skin framed by long hair of pure gold, sky blue eyes, she stands tall and majestic in silver robes.  Her symbol is a red flame.  She serves as patroness of the tribe that eventually settled Naboo and several other worlds, scholars, the press, and inquisitors.  Her shrines have traditionally been attended by the Brotherhood of Cognizance or, in their prime, Pius Dea.

Lor – Ruler of the dominion of Shadow and Trickery, He is known as the Thief, the Liar, and the Master of Shadows.  Lor’s hair is usually depicted as pure black and shoulder length.  His eyes are described as black as his hair, representing his absorption of all around him, and wearing dark gray robes.  His insignia is a white shield overlapping a black one, representing his position as the patron of protectors and the guardian of secrets.  He serves as patron of the tribe that eventually became the Hapans, criminals, cabals, spies, oaths, and even parenthood.

Azurba – Known as the Mother of Rebellion, Liberty, Giver of Democracy, and Chaos Incarnate, She serves as the goddess of Chaos and Liberty.  With fiery red hair, dark eyes, woad-like paint under her eyes, she easily captures the imagination of youth.  The color of the woad-like paint depends on her purpose, her short toga matching the paint’s color.  Her symbol is a burning torch.  Azurba serves as the patron of the tribe that eventually became the Kiffar, of republicans and democrats, anarchists, and revolutionaries.

Csil – Known as Oathkeeper and Justice, He serves the domain of Order and Justice.  Depicted with short black hair, dark blue eyes, clean-shaven and traditionally wearing mail armor under a dark blue tabard.  He is a patron of the tribe that boarded early Zhell sleeper ship that landed on Csilla, eventually becoming the Chiss.  Csil is also the patron of police, judges, aristocrats and monarchists.  His symbol is a mace, a traditional symbol of authority.

Corr – The God of Waters and Storms, known as the Stormcrafter and the Aquamancer.  Clad in a deep blue tunic with matching pants, he is a temperamental man that varies from a look of raw hatred to peace and loving.  His hair seems to be green as seaweed and his short beard the color of sand.   He serves as the patron of the tribe that eventually settled Corellia, sailors, and those who thirst.  His symbol is a single drop of water.

Alsa – Serving as the Goddess of the Skies and Commerce, she is known as the Merciful Navigator and Matron of Wealth.  With platinum hair and gold eyes, she is considered among the most beautiful of the goddesses as she is clad in her white flowing robes.  She serves as patron of the tribe that eventually became the Alsakani and the Kuati, travelers, and trade.  Her symbol is the four-pointed star of a compass.

Irido – As the God of Fire and War, He is known as the Purifier, the Terrible, the Destroyer, and the Redeemer.  One may notice a seeming contradiction in His titles, for while fire destroys it also enriches the soil to allow for stronger life.  While war leads to deaths, it may lead to freedom and justice.  In ancient times, Irido was never depicted out of His black steel armor, His horned helmet masking His face, and wielding a mighty war ax.  In more modern times, He has been instead shown clad in blood red plasteel armor, lacking a helmet and displaying tribal tattoos across His bare face.  Lacking hair, He maintains a rugged look, as a grizzled warrior should.   He serves as the patron of the tribe that later became the Zabrak, soldiers, and bravery.

Zela – Known by many as the Lover, She rules over the domains of love and passion, providing inspiration for countless generations of poets and artists.  She is usually depicted as having stunningly beautiful features, brown hair streaked with rose blond strands, light green eyes, and clad in a gown which changes from light pink to dark red in color.  Similar to Her gown, Zela is shown holding her insignia:  a single rose that is shown in a different color depending on her message.  She is the patroness of the tribe that eventually became the Zeltron, the arts, and lovers.

Aldar – Known as the Serene, the Peacemaker, Noble Lord, or Pax Augustus, He serves as the god of peace and serenity.  Depicted with short blond hair, deep brown eyes, clean shaven and sharp features, but a kind look, and dressed in a white tunic and matching pants, Aldar serves as patron of the tribe that later became known as Alderaanians, diplomats, and the innocent.  He carries a gold and silver staff, the head of which is a rising sun, which has become His insignia.  His shrines are attended to by the Hierophants of Aldar.

Xo – God of Death and the Afterlife, He is known as the Lord of Death, King of the Beyond, and the Judex Maximus.  In traditional depictions, Xo is shown with short hair of pure black, a waist-length beard of similar color, eyes white as if blind, and wearing robes that seem to absorb light yet seem to sparkle as if contained the stars in the sky.  He serves as patron of the tribe that eventually went on to form the Tionese and Cronese civilizations, morticians, assassins, and all on their final day.