The Cosmogony

The birth of the Gods is the birth of the universe, for as they came into being, so too did the stars, planets, and various races.  The Gods each had a hand in every minute detail and their mark has been left on the cosmos to this very day.

While many races and faiths have their own creation mythology, the Ecclesiarchy has pieced this document together from pieces of parchment from various monasteries and convents of the Faith from across the Galaxy.  Through this effort, we have restored the earliest known version of these stories, the earliest version of Creation known to mankind.  The single version believed to be orthodox truth.

In the beginning there was only the Void.  There were no stars in that ebon sea to bring light or warmth.  There was no earth to toil or grow.  There was no life.  There was no death.

Ziysan, the Great Maker who called the Void his home, was most displeased.  The First grew tired of the emptiness and so He created the Holy World, crafting it with His own hands.  From the Void He summoned Manara, appointing her guardian of that Holy World and Mother of Nature.  Together they named the sphere  Notron – “Holy Perfection” in the First tongue.

Try as Manara might, Notron would not allow its soil to grow flora.  The fauna that She lovingly formed remained lifeless husks.  Her heart broke and in Her great sorrow She wept, those very tears forming the Great Seas.  The Maker comforted Her that night and from Their union was born Ferra, Goddess of Life.

With Manara’s guidance, Ferra breathed life into the creatures of Notron and Her touch caused the flora to sprout.  Ziysan was overcome with joy and so They celebrated.  From the joy He shared with Ferra came forth the Twin Gods:  Risma, Goddess of Light and Knowledge, and Lor, God of Shadow and Trickery.

With Ziysan as their guide, the Twins of Light and Dark raced across the Void, scattering stars and dark vortices along their paths.  Exhausted, they collapsed into each others arms.  And from that union sprang forth Azurba, Goddess of Chaos and Liberty.

To bring the wild young goddess to balance, the Great King called forth Csil, God of Order and Justice.  it was He who brought calm to His fiery niece, at least for a time.

Ziysan walked the shores of Notron with Manara at His side.  The holy pair spoke of their accomplishments and their plans, admiring the handiwork of themselves and their kin.  As Their eyes ran across the seas that were Her tears, They agreed the oceans were lonely places and needed a guardian.  From Their second union was born Corr, God of Storms and Waters.  Their child was given domain over all bodies of water and his mood would be reflected in them.

Risma later approached the Great Maker, praising the dominion of Corr yet questioning why the skies were not granted similar honor.  From their meeting was born Alsa, Goddess of the Winds and counterbalance to Corr’s outbursts.

As Alsa granted her domain, Lor tricked her by taking the form of His twin, Risma. From Their meeting was born Irido, in the form of a child for Azurba to raise and mold. The Great King was displeased and so, with the counsel of Csil, took Irido and gave Him a sense of honor, naming Him the God of Fire and War, able to create and destroy equally.

The Gods of the new cosmos created the countless worlds that now fill the Void, followed by such worlds being filled with simple creatures. With fauna and flora in place, the Gods sought to craft pleasing followers so as to sustain them through worship. After many imperfect attempts, the results of which were hurled across the Void to other, less perfect worlds, mankind was birthed by union of Ziysan and Manara and as their favored children granted their image.

With Alsa at Ziysan’s side, the second twin gods were born:  Zela, Goddess of Passion, Lust, and Love, tasked with bringing love, culture, and emotion to the Chosen.  Joining Her was Aldar, the God of Serenity and Peace, tasked to bring inner peace and temperance to Man. With Ziysan’s blessing, Azurba granted Man its greatest gift beyond life itself: Freewill, the ability of Man to make his or her own choices, to forge their own destiny.

The Peoples of Notron, or Zhell as they came to call themselves in the Old Tongue, soon formed the Twelve Nations, each taking a God or Goddess as their Patron. They warred over small things, trivial disputes. Aldar was disgusted by these blood conflicts without consequence and so He pleaded with Ziysan for an answer.

To bring balance to Ferra, to give Aldar a voice, and to give Azurba a purpose the Great King brought forth the god Xo from the Void, granting him the sphere of Death and naming him warden of the Afterlife and final judge of all souls.

With the birth of Xo, with consequence added to their actions, the Great War between all Nations ended in shock as soldiers began to die. And so the adherents of Aldar brokered peace across the holy birthplace of mankind even as grizzled veterans declared themselves a free nation devoted to the new God.

The Universe  as we know it was created and the Thirteen Nations of Zhell given form.